Academic Success for Roma Children in Central Europe.


Central EuropeRWCT trainers received the first grant from OSI and the World Bank’s Roma Education Fund to mount a six-country effort to improve Roma children’s success in school. The project has focused on literacy-on developing procedures for assessing children to find out what they know and don’t know in order to learn how to read, and on sharing techniques with teachers for teaching those children successfully. Working with teams of educators from Romania, Moldova, Bulgaria, Croatia, Slovenia, and Slovakia, the RWCT trainers helped develop probably the most powerful instruments yet seen in most of those countries for the assessment of emergent readers. These instruments were not translations: each had to be generated completely de novo in order to capture the dynamics of learning to read in the five national languages and two alphabets used in those countries. Each of the national teams is now disseminating their assessment instruments and their training to fellow teachers in their countries.

Codruta at REFINE2The work of the RWCT trainers was supported by the Roma Education Fund and OSI’s Step by Step Program, and hosted by the Ethnocultural Diversity Resources Center in Cluj, Romania. The RWCT trainers were provided by CTI. (CTI’s trainers include literacy specialists; and authors of assessment instruments, textbooks, and training materials for teaching literacy that are widely used in North America and elsewhere).