Help with developing and publishing instructional materials

CTI offers workshops and follow up supports for writers, editors, and publishers of instructional materials for all levels.

CTI trainers can show writers how to--

  • Write interesting text that students can read
  • Arrange the presentation of ideas in ways students find easy to follow
  • Add pedagogical aids to invite the reader to think about and learn from the text
  • Work with editors and publishers to develop effective materials

CTI trainers can show editors and publishers how to—-

  • Work with writers to encourage them to write readable, engaging text
  • Examine text for readability and teaching effectiveness
  • Work with teachers and students to field test and refine materials
  • Design visually appealing and engaging text lay-outs
  • Complement textbooks with aids for teachers and students to extend their effectiveness.


CTI trainers include successful writers of textbooks for primary, secondary, and university levels. They have written and published trade books for children. CTI associates are editors and publishers of textbooks for the primary, secondary, and university levels.

CTI trainers have offered training workshops for writers and editors in the United States, Central Europe, East Africa, Central America, and South America.