About Us

Critical Thinking International, Inc. (CTI) matches highly skilled educational trainers with non-profit organizations needing their services, including schools and school systems, universities, teacher training institutions, publishers, and others serving children and youth.

CTI was formed in 2005 by four experienced international educators with expertise in teacher training, curriculum development, youth counseling, and the production of educational materials. CTI is a not-for-profit corporation registered in New York State. The founders -- Charles Temple, Alan Crawford, Wendy Saul, and Sam Mathews currently serve as the organization’s directors.

The directors of CTI met while working on the highly successful Reading and Writing for Critical Thinking Project (RWCT).

RWCT Projects


CTI today represents trainers from the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, and Australia who were the original disseminators of the RWCT project, and who have extensive experience and professional relationships in many countries around the world. CTI also represents new friends, highly talented individuals with expertise in educational technology, in public health, in school improvement, in television production, in conflict transformation, and in non-formal education.

CTI has produced a brochure providing a brief overview of our philosophy and programs, suitable for printing or emailing.